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Quartz Plaza

by Jerry Galeries

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Quartz Plaza 01:52
Why must you be all alone tonight? Time is just another friend by your side if you believe So I can tell you all about it but you have got to get around him Don’t even think about regretting It’s gonna feel alright We are in for a long night for a long night We are in for a long night for a long night We are in for a long night for a long night We are in for a long night for a long night (keep up) You are free to do whatever you want Just remember how they used to have fun, oh they had fun
Wishing Well 04:24
Another day another page What were the things that made you stay Give me the faith to follow the light again Forever holding onto dreams Wishing well When will I ever learn? Time will tell How will I ever know if she was the one as bright as the sun Oh bring her back to me Won’t you, wishing well? Wishing well When will I ever get to hear the bells How will I ever know if we had the chance to make our amends Oh set me free once again Won’t you, wishing well? Another dream fading away What were the things you tried to say If only we had taken our time, my love Forever holding onto dreams and for the longest time I knew that I’d rather forget, my friend than to know I can’t be with you
Cup Noodles 04:38
Damn cup noodles you looking so fine Thinking bout' you all the damn time When I feel hungry I go to the store to the dry foods to get some more Damn cup noodles you looking so fine Staring at you all the damn time but damn baby girl you looking so nice by the end of day you're gonna be mine There is no way that I can take my eyes off you So let me wrap my hands around you it's just you and me tonight I wanna change my life for you, oh girl So give me this chance to show you all the love that I can give
Can't see the sun but it's a brand new day There we go again time is running Thirteen years on your ABCs Let that all decide what your life is Who is winning the human race Prophets gone to hide far away from ones who conceal nasty thoughts from truth Yes they wanna know all about you I ain't gonna run the race It's a living hell in my head Nine to five from day to day That is not my life anyway Give me freedom or give me death Is there more to life We need answers Are we told what is real and true What is it that you see Manipulation You were born to make a change Not to live a lie in your ways Death is nearing by day We can lose it all any day I pray for lights to lead our souls God There will be more to life than this
What is this world they built around us Reality, a choice to believe Inside your heart and mind it’s breathing The dawning of an age of decline It’s a disease, boy to make you believe when you’re in fear Control over mankind a prisoner inside your very mind, oh (It’s a devil’s game we’re playing) Just don’t let it get to you (In a devil’s plan we’re draining) Just a little taste of gloom It’s silly cause it’s plain A teardrop in the rain A dream taken away Somebody’s putting up a show now Another man has taken the fall Don’t say a word for they will end you when you don’t even know who’s behind
Say A Prayer 04:40
The time has come for us to go our separate ways Another chance to start over to see a brand new day Silence fills the air tonight what a time to be awake and the bells they ring, oh the songs they sing Her eyes they seem to paint a thousand words to say The city in the distance had never felt so far away The warmth of her embrace still lingers on as I believe that again someday, we will be okay There’s a plan from above and it will know if we shall ever meet again Tonight, we’ll be alright I don’t know where or when the stars above will grant an everlasting love my heart and mind remains to say a prayer for you
Every night I gaze into the stars above the city going through a memory like it’s never too late to believe It began an autumn’s night, a bird was new to being free Took my heart across the sky but was over before I could see When you looked into my eyes oh girl it shows that we both didn’t have the words to say and deep inside me then I know You are the one I wanna hold forever in my arms until the pain is gone for good You know you should cause you are the one I just can’t bear to leave behind my love You’ve turned another page my love Another day has gone and went away (and so did I) Every time I think about the lights that say I’m sorry your face appears so suddenly and I know it was all cause of me The bird began to fade into the pages that you turned again As we go our separate ways but I have to go back just to see Don’t you forget the reason Reason to hold onto the night Turn back the clock if you can If you can find the taste of love again You are the one I wanna cross the oceans just to find a girl that stayed in my mind for nights It ain’t a lie cause you are the one that I can think about from day to night The bird that soared across the sky now you and I are at the end of the night


​Welcome to Quartz Plaza. Get lost in the heartbeat of an empty shopping complex that comes to life at night. Have a stroll down by the fountain at the atrium, or take an elevator up to the food court and immerse yourself in the echoes of the neon-lit 80's.


released May 27, 2017

LJ Lee (Dr.)
Eunice Salanga (Bs.)
Simon Yong (Gtr.)
Glen Ashburn (Gtr.)
Teo Boon Chye (Sax.)
Pongthipok Sootthipong (Sax.)
Liwani Jelani (Cho.)
Anna Koh (Cho.)


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Jerry Galeries Singapore

vibes machine from the lost summer of '85

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